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    Address: No.8 Shangwuwaihuan Road,
    Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
    Zip Code:450000

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    Corporate Philosophy

    ——Traveling on Wind to the Whole World Freely; Achieving Harmony Among the Whole Heaven, Earth and Human Being.


    Strategic level

    Corporate Mission

    ——Carrying on Dreams of People in Central Plain; Connecting the World.

    Corporate Vision

    ——Linking the World; To be an International Leader in our Business.


    Strategic level

    Corporate Values

    ——Painstaking; Pursuing Excellence.

    Corporate Spirit

    ——Open Mind; Inclusiveness; Innovation; Prominence.


    Executive level

    Operation Philosophy

    ——Integrity; Beneficence; Cooperation; Win-Win

    Management Philosophy

    ——Managing with Standard and Rigorous, Achieving Coordination of Work and High Effective Operation.

    Talent Management Strategy

    ——Recruiting and Developing Top Talent; Following the Same Path with One Heart.

    Investment Philosophy

    ——Taking on the Responsibility and Doing Our Best, Creating Value for Government and People.

    Risk Management Philosophy

    ——Systematic Control, Caution, Being Practical and Realistic.

    Integrity Principle

    ——Advocating Virtue and Keeping the Rules, Establishing a Just and Honorable Atmosphere.